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The first RailsConf in Chicago ‘o6 was so damn inspiring. To be part of this collective of people, all of them excited to explore and contribute to the Rails community took my breath away.

The Saturday night of the conference, Why the Lucky Stiff, performed his mish-mash of music, performance art, flash animation, and it was HIGHsterical and brain popping. He wrote the compelling read and bestseller Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.

One of his animations was a furrowing tale of Ruby vs. Java (the world?) and the “main” character proclaims, “Gem Install That.” Man, I said that phrase for at least a month after that, it tickled me so. I wish I could find that video — if anyone knows where I can link to it, give me a shout.

In the spirit of contributing what I discover about Rails and Ruby, I dubbed this blog “Gem Install That.”


1. bibomedia - February 27, 2008

Have a nice day !

2. elliottcable - April 2, 2008

Hey! I don’t see any contact info on your site.

Since your logo is a D20, are you interested in D&D? I’m doing some stuff relating to D&D and Ruby, I’d love to chat with you about it some time. Give me a shout on IM sometime:


3. reidmix - October 25, 2008

I just like dodecahedrons. My D&D days are far, far behind me.

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