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Sinatra utf-8 Content-Type before filter April 22, 2009

Posted by John Dewey in Code, Example, Sinatra.
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I wanted to learn Sinatra, so I started converting my personal Rails site over to Sinatra. I scrape my Twitterholic rating, and redisplay it on my site. I need the css and html to have a Content-Type of utf-8.

I came up with the following before filter. There is probably a better way to do this, I just wanted my controllers to be less “wet”.

I also use the following to render all css.

Running Sinatra with Phusion Passenger April 19, 2009

Posted by John Dewey in Passenger, Rack, Ruby, Sinatra.
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Here is a config.ru for use with Sinatra. It also includes a logging section for your app. This configuration works on Sinatra ( Quite a few of the examples out there use the deprecated Sinatra::Application.default_options vs set.


Updated config.ru with Blake’s suggestions.

gem install that (well kind-of) April 11, 2009

Posted by John Dewey in Code, Plugins & Gems.
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Geminstallthat is a pretty groovy name, which reidmix came up with. What would be really geeky is a gem named ‘that‘, which allows you to read my blog. I didn’t feel like dealing with rubyforge (to get the non-githuby gem name) , so here is a sneak peek at that.

$ gem sources -a http://gems.github.com
$ sudo sudo gem install retr0h-that
Successfully installed retr0h-that-0.0.0
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for retr0h-that-0.0.0...
Installing RDoc documentation for retr0h-that-0.0.0...
$ that

It will display all posts from the time the gem was built to Time.now.

Syncing bundle_fu assets to s3 for Cloudfront April 2, 2009

Posted by John Dewey in Amazon, CDN, Rake, Vlad.
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I wanted to automatically upload my bundle_fu assets to Amazon’s s3, and use their Cloudfront CDN for SnGs. I came up with the following rake task, which can be hooked into Vlad.

It’s as simple as adding the following to production.rb, and running the rake task ‘cloud:upload’.

ActionController::Base.asset_host = "cloudfront_url"