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daemon_controller memcached configuration September 4, 2008

Posted by John Dewey in Configuration, Deployment, Memcached, Plugins & Gems, Rails, Ruby.

The Phusion guys created a sweeet library (daemon_controller) to control servers or daemons. I created a daemon_memcache class which controls memcached.

Memcached can be controlled programatically by:


Will show you how to utilize this class to start/stop Memcached via ‘script/server’ in a follow-up post.


1. Eric Pugh - September 5, 2008

This looks very cool.. I am looking at using daemon_controller to automate starting up Memcache and Background RB..

I can’t wait to see your followon posting.. Does this integrate nicely into your deployment scripts? I am using Vlad and I have a special commands to start up background rb:

remote_task :start_app, :roles => :app do
run “cd #{current_path}; ./script/backgroundrb start -e production”

desc “Stop the backgroundrb server”
remote_task :stop_app, :roles => :app do
run “cd #{current_path}; ./script/backgroundrb stop”

2. John Dewey - September 5, 2008

Hi Eric –

I implemented it for starting memcached in development mode only. You could use the technique explained in the next post, to start/stop in any environment.

You shouldn’t need to hook into vlad, since it will automatically start on rails initialization.

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