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HTML source no longer sore July 28, 2008

Posted by John Dewey in Code, Plugins & Gems, Rails.
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Have you ever found yourself saying, _damn I wish I knew what X was, when debugging an application?

SimplyTabby is a plugin to embed application and system information as comments, into the HTML source of a page. Sensitive information can be “hidden”, by encrypting the output, which can easily be recovered via a rake task.

The project is hosted at GitHubhttp://github.com/retr0h/simply_tabby/tree/master

Further information can be found in the README.

Rails Cron — Craken July 18, 2008

Posted by John Dewey in Capistrano, Code, Command Line, Configuration, Rails, Rake, Ruby.
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My good buddy Doug Mciness wrote a rake task to manage and install cronjobs. We have it hooked into our Capistrano deployments, which allows for uber simple cron management. I added a few modifications such as, erb’ed raketab templates, and global/system specific crontabs.

It’s up on GitHubhttp://github.com/latimes/craken/tree/master

In the process of determining if these rakefiles should be yaml instead, would probably be the “more railsy rails way” of doing it.

Giles Bowkett gets props for the groovy name, and improved SEO of this post!